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    1. Chinese

      Pipe fittings
      Stainless steel pipe fitting
      Butt welded fittings
      Pipe for Project
      ERM Weld Pipe
      Seamless pipes

      Hebei Canghai Nuclear Equipment Technology Co., Ltd

      Hebei Canghai Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

      Export Department

      Manager: James Gu             

      Email: guyouqiang1986@163.com

      Mobile No.:86-15801458752

      Tel: 86-10-57433470

      Fax: 86-10-57433470

      Hebei Canghai Nuclear Equipment Technology Co., Ltd (Hebei Canghai Heavy Industry CO., Ltd) is a professional manufacturer which specialized in producing all kinds of pipe fitting, pipe, flange and pressure vessel since 1996. The company sets up 11 management departments, two production areas, which cover an area of 130000 square meters with 80 sets of hydraulic pressure equipment, ranging from 200 T-5,000 T. There are about 450 employees and 140 technicians from medium to senior. Our annual production capacity is 50, 000 tons with 13 production lines. W......

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